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My name is Laurie, and this is my studio bunny Butterscotch.
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                                              The Star Bunny Studio blog began in the summer of 2012. 
                           As a freelance graphic designer, I am always on the hunt for new inspiration! 
This space was created to share inspirations found in art, travel and designTo my delight, the Star Bunny Studio blog has quickly grown to become a bright spark of inspiration for people all over the globe. With a focus on positive messages, I communicate ideas utilizing my own photography, illustrations, and design concepts.
                                                              -Creating Joy One Design At A Time-
                         has struck a positive cord with Star Bunny Studio's expanding audience
                   I look forward to growing on this success, and experiencing what the future holds. 

                                                                                    The Studio                                                                               
After spending way too much time behind a desk, under flickering fluorescent lights -I started to realize that my interests and skill set had become a strong & unique voice. I gave up the security of working in a corporate office and slowly built my own design business from the ground up. Today, Star Bunny Studio offers a full range of  applied design options from layout to illustration. I find the greatest joy in working with individuals and companies who believe in the compelling power of design. 
                                                               Do you have a design project in mind? 
                                                                  I look forward to hearing from you! 


Star Bunny Studio blog has become a unique platform. Readers all over the world are inspired by the positive messages and creative content found only on the Star Bunny Studio blogThis diversity and reach offers creative opportunities for advertisement, sponsorship, and product reviews. 

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